"The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not for the greed of a few."

Mahatma Gandhi

"Those who add spirituality to education for sustainability enrich the earth with heaven"

Johann Hisch

"...eat and drink! But do not be wasteful"

Koran 26: 17

"Our prideful isolationism has alienated us from God and nature. Only humility and concord can heal our wounded planet"

Patriarch Bartholomew, 2015
(Commentary on Laudato Si)

"The world is more than a problem to be solved, it is a joyful mystery...."

Laudato Si 12

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What is PILGRIM?

Under the motto "Living Consciously - Giving Future", PILGRIM links education for sustainable development with a religious-ethical-philosophical educational dimension. It focuses on a sustainable future by encouraging change and strengthening trust in the present. Through the "different" view of reality, motivation is to be created to change one's own actions in responsibility and respect for all living things. Spirituality is understood as the view and the attitude towards the world, the meaning of existence and all living things gained through taught, lived and reflected faith.

We are

a group of people who are concerned about education for sustainability combined with spirituality,
from different professional fields,
Interreligious, interdenominational, interculturally networked

We want to

intensify the educational work "Spirituality and Education for Sustainability",
support the PILGRIM institutions in their work in the best possible way,
support the PR work of the PILGRIM institutions

We offer

Information about the concerns of the PILGRIM institutions,
Events for dialogue on science, cultures, ecology and religions,
Encounters with renowned experts, artists and those directly affected

We invite you

to look around to see who can be recruited for this project,
to become a member and to collaborate.
to support the work of PILGRIM also financially

Become a member of the PILGRIM

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