Who can become a PILGRIM member?

All educational institutions in Austria and around the world that deal with the issues of sustainability combined with spirituality.

PILGRIM can make a decisive contribution to helping young people come to terms with the essential problems of the 21st century.

MinR Dr. Klaus Radunsky

How to become a PILGRIM institution?

Nomination of a PILGRIM responsible person in the respective institution

All levels of the institution can be starters, all subjects and denominations

Conference decision and possibly willingness to develop the institution on the topic

Once a rough concept is in place, involve the teachers' conference to inform and seek approval to begin. If the project is going well, a school development process will make itself felt.

Creation of a team for topic identification and project work

It is best to consider with some colleagues with whom one can and wants to work together. After that it is useful to go to the management to promote the idea.

Submission to the PILGRIM network: Submission of the "data sheet

For the information of the network PILGRIM it is requested to send the data sheet immediately and/or at the latest by the end of January. It contains all the information needed for further planning and procedures for the later project report.

Selection of topics for PILGRIM projects